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Financial Services

According to The Center for Education Reform, the top two reasons charter schools close are due to financial hardships and general mismanagement.

At CIES, we stand ready to help you navigate and be proactive on managing your school's resources smartly and efficiently. From serving as your school's CFO to completing individual, ad hoc projects, our experienced team will become part of your team to ensure your school's financial success.

We offer a wide-range of services, including: 

​     -Audit Preparation




     -Grant Management

     -Short & Long-term Strategy

     -SBOA Compliance

To see what your team may need, please visit the 2019 Important Financial Reporting Deadlines and Reminders here.

Our team is also happy to discuss other financial areas with which your school may need assistance. Given our team's decades of experience, there is little we have yet to encounter.

Please click the link below to contact us to see how we can assist your school with any financial needs.

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